Nursery Rhymes

The complete Nursery Rhymes Catalogue

We provide the most comprehensive audio collection of Nursery Rhymes ever recorded. It took 5 years to complete, more than 50 musicians have been involved, many thousands of hours were spent to create the most stunning experience for both children and adults:

See the full Nursery Rhymes catalogue, including an audio sample per song plus full lyrics and background information where available.

The four Nursery Rhyme Collection double albums (Volumes 1 - 8) are aimed at parents who appreciate the beauty of 'real music'. This unique collection of traditional and contemporaray English children's music was recorded and produced by real musicians, performed on real instruments. The collections contain 277 songs of 5 centuries.

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30 Best: New series of exciting Nursery Rhymes Compilations for children

Our new Nursery Rhyme Theme CD Collection is designed to provide suitable music for children for all situations: To play, to sing, to frolic around, to learn, to sleep ... whatever you might think of. All songs are derived from the Nursery Rhyme Collections. Listen to high quality audio samples to all songs included on all albums released by now.