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Archie the Mouse

Based on the Nursery Rhyme A Windmill In Old Amsterdam

Listen to the Bedtime Story Archie the Mouse, based around our arrangement of the Nursery Rhyme A Windmill In Old Amsterdam. Here you can listen to excerpts of all stories (narrated by Peter Bradbury). You can read along with every story online on our website or you can download all story texts and soundtracks individually (MP3 + PDF). In addition, all 20 stories are available together as an illustrated eBook with audio included (our full package download).

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Good Night Story based on A Windmill In Old Amsterdam

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A Windmill In Old Amsterdam

Archie the Mouse

A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam
A windmill with a mouse in
And he wasn’t grousin’
He sang every morning
“How lucky I am
Living in a windmill in old Amsterdam!”

Once upon a time there was a teeny tiny mouse called Archie. His home was a mighty windmill where he lived with his mother and father.

All day long little Archie ran up and down the stairs and all around the many floors and corridors of his lovely home. He loved to tease the old cat Kitty who also lived in the windmill. Archie’s Mummy always told him to stay away from the cat because she said it was very dangerous … but Archie thought that Kitty looked quite friendly. And after all it wasn’t her fault she was a cat, was it? And anyway - Archie had realised that Kitty couldn’t jump around as fast as he could so he jumped around all over the place enjoying himself in the wonderful old windmill.

Every day was packed full of adventure. But in the evening, after supper, when it was time for bed Archie used to quietly say: “Mummy, I’m not tired” but his mother just smiled and said: “Oh Archie, I think you are; I can see it on the top of your nose! Now put on your nightgown, brush your teeth, wash your face and lay down in your teenie-tiny bed and I will tell you a bedtime story.”

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Now Archie was a good mouse and he did what his mummy told him. But when he was finally snuggled comfortably in his bed he would say again and again: “Mummy, I’m not tired, I’m not tired at all!”

Mummy mouse smiled, she put the sheet over his teenie-tiny shoulder and began to tell one of her bedtime stories that Archie had always loved so much. Those stories always started to make Archie feel so, so … sleepy …

I saw a mouse
There on the stair
Where on the stair?
Right there!
A little mouse with clogs on
Well I declare
Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair
Oh yeah

A mouse lived in a windmill
So snug and so nice
There’s nobody there now
But a whole lot of mice

© 2015, written by Mike Wilbury

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