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The Land of Wishes and Dreams

Based on the Nursery Rhyme Pat A Cake Pat A Cake Bakers' Man

Listen to the Bedtime Story The Land of Wishes and Dreams, based around our arrangement of the Nursery Rhyme Pat A Cake Pat A Cake Bakers' Man. Here you can listen to excerpts of all stories (narrated by Peter Bradbury). You can read along with every story online on our website or you can download all story texts and soundtracks individually (MP3 + PDF). In addition, all 20 stories are available together as an illustrated eBook with audio included (our full package download).

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Good Night Story based on Pat A Cake Pat A Cake Bakers' Man

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Pat A Cake Pat A Cake Bakers' Man

The Land of Wishes and Dreams

Far, far away, across the Peek-a-Boo Sea where the fishes and dolphins play hide and seek, is the land of Wishes and Dreams. The land of Wishes and Dreams is where all your wishes go when you make them and where all your dreams are made. In this magical land beyond the Sticky Toffee Mountains covered in Ice Cream is a bridge over the Cherry Pop River and there the road leads to Toy Town, Sweetie Town, and Yummy-Yummy.

Toy Town is where every toy you could wish for is invented and made. Everyone in Toy Town spends all day every day playing with the toys to make sure they work properly. The toys in Toy Town are so good that Santa’s helpers go there to do their shopping.

Sweetie Town is famous for its giant sweetie factories, deep toffee mines and beautiful candy floss trees. When it rains in Sweetie Town it rains chocolate drops and every sweet, toffee, stick of rock and chocolate bar you have ever dreamed of can be found in Sweetie Town.

The most delicious cakes and biscuits you ever wished for are made in Yummy-Yummy. They are all made by the jolliest and fattest baker in the whole of the whole land; Mr Sponge, and his wife Victoria.

There are so many different cakes and biscuits! There are cupcakes, chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, fairy cakes, angel cakes, lemon cakes, honey cakes, marmalade cakes and iced buns.

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There are plain biscuits, chocolate biscuits, wafer biscuits, ginger biscuits, nutty biscuits, round biscuits, square biscuits, long biscuits, short biscuits and dog biscuits (because dogs dream and wish for biscuits too). And they are all made by Mr and Mrs Sponge. Mr and Mrs Sponge make special cakes for special occasions for the people of Toy Town, Sweetie Town and Yummy-Yummy and they sing along as they bake them. Would you like to hear what they sing?

Pat a cake, pat a cake
Baker’s man
Bake us a cake
As fast as you can
Mix it and prick it
And mark it with B
And there will be plenty
For baby and me

Night-night, sleep tight, make a wish and dream of the Land of Wishes and Dreams.

© 2015, written by Trevor Dobson

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