Animal Alphabet - The Nursery Rhyme Collections

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Animal Alphabet (Audio Sample and Lyrics)

A is for ant that's plain to see,
B is for bear and bumblebee,
C is for cat and chicken and cow,
D is for dog that barks 'Bow-wow!'

E is for elephant big and strong,
F is fishes in the pond,
G is for goose and gander of course,
H is for hen and hog and a horse,

I is for ivis; a lovely foul,
J is for jackal who likes to howl.
K is for kicking kangaroo,
L is for lamb and lion too.

M is for monkey; you will note,
N is for nibbling nanny-goat,
O for the owl that sleeps all day,
P is for the peacock; proud and gay.

Q is for quail and R for rat,
S for the skunk; enough said for that!
T for the tadpole, toad and tiger,
U for the unicorn, V for viper.

W is for walrus and the whale,
X is a cross and Y has a tail,
Z is for Zebra it can't be wrong…
And that is the end of this Alphabet song.