Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby (Scotch Lullaby) - The Nursery Rhyme Collections

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Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby (Audio Sample and Lyrics)

Oh, hush thee, my baby,
Thy sire is a knight,
Thy mother a lady,
Both lovely and bright;
The woods and the glens,
From the tower which we see,
They all are belonging,
Dear baby, to thee.

Oh fear not the bugle,
Though loudly it blows,
It calls but the wardens
That guard thy repose;
Their bows would be bended,
Their blades would be red,
Ere the steps of a foeman
Draws near thy bed.

Oh, hush thee, my baby,
The time will soon come,
When thy sleep be broken
by trumpet and drum,
Then hush thee, my darling,
Take rest while you may,
For cares come with manhood,
And waking with day.