30 Best Lullabies For Children

30 best Lullabies30 individual Lullabies have been carefully chosen for this album due of their simple and beautiful melodies and extremely relaxing arrangements. The collection is designed so that the adult can choose a suitable selection of lullabies for their children to relax and drift off to sleep to, or simply to pass on this wonderful music to the next generation of children supporting them in their development and enjoyment of music and appreciation of good melody and harmony. All the traditional lullaby favorites are there including Hush Little Baby, Bye Baby Bunting, Rock-A-Bye Baby (both ‘On The Treetop’ and ‘Thy Cradle Is Green’ versions) and of course Twinkle Twinkle Little Star plus a few Celtic and Gaelic Lullabies from Gaelic Cradle Song to Kerry Lullaby. The tracks have been created with the utmost care and passion to ensure that they are presented in the very best performance and audio quality whilst maintaining a rich, lush and melodic quality perfect for children’s lullabies. Simple melodies, tight musical harmonies and lyrics steeped in history combined with professional arrangements, real instruments and human performances ensure that both the adult and child can appreciate and enjoy the music together. Furthermore on this collection we have presented every lyric to every Lullaby so that the family can all listen and sing together.

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