30 Best Traditional Nursery Rhymes For Children

30 best traditional nursery rhymesWe have put together an album of the most loved Nursery Rhymes for children derived from the Nursery Rhyme Collections, Volumes 1-8. Each of the 30 Traditional Nursery Rhyme titles selected for this compilation will roll off the tongue for most adults but do the children still know them? This collection is designed to help you pass on the wonderful beauty of the traditional nursery rhyme to the next generation supporting them in their development and enjoyment of music, rhythm and rhyme as well as encouraging their ever growing imaginations. All the favourites are included with everything from Aiken Drum and Incy Wincy Spider to Oranges and Lemons and Old Mother Hubbard. The tracks have been created with the utmost care and passion to ensure that they are presented in the very best performance and audio quality whilst covering a wide variety of styles and genres. Simple melodies and lyrics steeped in history combined with professional arrangements, real instruments and human performances ensure that both the adult and child can appreciate and enjoy the music together. Included in the 16 page booklet you will find every lyric to every track so that the family can all sing along together. Take your time and have a listen to our free audio samples. See all lyrics to all songs or find out more about the traditional nursery rhymes featured on the album.

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